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Eagles Benefits Concert - Shun Ng & The Shunettes
Rhythm of Christmas (ROC) proudly presents a special performance in Kuala Lumpur by award-winning fingerstyle guitarist/singer Shun Ng, accompanied by The Shunettes.

Performing at the UCSI University Recital Hall for a one-night only show, they will be bringing to you Christmas numbers as well as their own compositions. Shun & The Shunettes were recently invited to the 11th KK Jazz Festival 2017. Watch their exciting performance at

Shun Ng is an award-winning fingerstyle guitar virtuoso, singer and songwriter, known for his unique style which infuses elements of Soul, Funk, Blues and Jazz. Shun dazzles audiences from all over the world with his flamboyant technique, soulful vocals and hypnotic groove. He stands as one of the most dynamic and innovative performers, winning accolades from legendary producer, Quincy Jones to fellow guitar virtuoso, Tuck Andress
Date : 19 Nov 2017 to 19 Nov 2018, Venue : Recital Hall, UCSI University (South Wing - Block G)
* Platinum - RM 150 per seat
UCSI University Piano Pedagogy Conference - Michael Veerapen's Recital
An Evening Piano Recital with Michael Veerapen, Monday, Nov 6, 5.15 PM
Date : 06 Nov 2017 to 06 Nov 2018, Venue : Block G Recital Hall
* RM 60 - Free Seating
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